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          TGB Services is a Manchester based company providing professional removal services for individuals and companies. We provide local, UK and EU removals always making your satisfaction our first priority. We take pride from our affordable prices, safe transportation of your belongings, on time delivery and professional customer service. Our services include: Student removals, Doctors/Nurses removals, Office removals and Urgent Removals.

Wherever you want to go we will be happy to help you along the way !

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          Moving home is understandably a stressful event, therefore we have created a series of organizational procedures that will make the removal process as smooth as possible. For example after receiving the list of furniture and number of boxes we will estimate how much space your things will take and how they will be positioned in our van. For this purpose we will use a specialized computer software package. In case that your belongings will exceed the capacity of the van, we will tell you which furniture you need to disassemble (if possible). After initial consultation the furniture dissasembling can be done by our company. We would like to point out that our approach to the removal process is flexible and creative. Therefore if you have any requests feel free to discuss them with us.

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Great offer!

Removals from England to Austria and Hungary for only £990!

Removals from Austria and Hungary to England for only £950!

*Offer valid for removals with goods volume up to 12 cubic meters and weight up to 1200kg.