Moving Tips

So how do I prepare for the move ?

Always ensure that there is parking available of your premises on the day of collection.

The belongings should be situated as near exit as possible. However this should be done in such a manner that entering and exiting the house would still be possible.

Pack heavy items into smaller boxes and lighter items into larger ones. It is very important to wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or paper.

The boxes should be sealed and numbered. They should not be overloaded as boxes can only take so much ! Therefore if you put too many things in it, they will break and your stuff could get damaged.

Glass requires great care. Use several sheets of newspaper and layer the bottom of the box and wrap around each element separately.

Do not pack important documents like: check books, passports, airline tickets or visas!

If possible try to suitcase, rucksacks and other items of luggage to pack clothes etc. , these are preferable to plastic bags which tear easily. If you do have to use sacks try to use top quality ones which are thicker.

Garden tools should be cleaned. Use packing tape to bound tightly around them to create neat bundles.

Fridge and freezer should be defrosted and dry.

Washing machine should be disconnected from main water line.

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